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Sport flooring Gimmy is a suspended synthetic modular interlocking tile system, produced with a special high impact polypropylene copolymer, non-toxic, anti-bacteria.

It can be installed on any flat concrete substrate.


-Suspended surface, the right and better alternative to concrete and/or asphalt surfaces

-Comforting and versatile surface, smooth and flat, no asperity, with good anti-slippery characteristics

-Multipurpose sport flooring: ideal for 5 or side soccer, basket, volleyball, roller hockey, skate in line and it is usable in schools, universities, parks and recreational centers, fitness centers, sporting centers, etc.

-Extremely easy to install: it doesn’t need to be glued to foundation, no need for adhesive: it doesn’t need qualified manpower and workmanship for the installation thanks to its interlocking system.

-Resistant to the atmospheric.

-Highly draining surface that allows dirty and water to pass through the holes permitting an immediate use after the rain.

-Wide range of colors, available also on request.

-Completely and entirely recyclable.